Sales Pipelines For Starters

Startup founders are doing a million things all at once – developing a product, building a team, creating a legal business entity, and of course bringing money to continue operations. Money usually comes in two forms: money from investors or revenue from early customers.

Despite revenue from customers being the most valuable funding for early stage ventures, many startup founders find the sales process overwhelming, awkward, and deeply uncomfortable.

Yet, with a little bit of structure, process, and breaking down the overwhelming parts into a sequence of specific and repeatable next actions, sales can quickly become a flywheel accelerating your startups growth – driving increased demand for your product.

In Sales Pipelines For Starters you’ll create a sales pipeline, fill it with 20 of your best prospects, and transform sales from something you actively avoid to a regular daily practice.

The Outcomes

  • Customer Qualification Screener based on your target customer profile.
  • 20+ new prospects within your target customer profile (individual people with names!).
  • The specific next actions to connect with each of them.
  • An initial 4-stage sales pipeline with clear definitions and criteria at each stage.
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to document your contact with prospective customers, tailored to the size and stage of your company.
  • An at-a-glance view of all your customer relationships and the most valuable next action for each.
  • Five techniques to better leverage your existing network to reach your prospective customers.
  • Minimize feast-and-famine by establishing sales as a weekly habit.
  • The foundations of the repeatable sales process you’ll need, to shift from founder-led sales to hiring a dedicated salesperson.

The Format

  • A 3-hour 1:1 workshop (in-person or Zoom) to establish your new sales pipeline.
  • A 1-hour follow-up Zoom call four weeks later to smooth out newly discovered roadblocks.

The Fee: $1500 $2000 (25% off for first 20 14 customers)

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The Instructors

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Over their careers, Garrick van Buren (LinkedIn) and Jim Bernard (LinkedIn) have worked with and in many companies you’d recognize. They’ve led the creation of new, high-profile products and led the teams behind them. We’ve sold everything from frozen pizzas door-to-door, books from the trunk of a car, data feeds to brand name news publishers, online consumer SaaS, personal productivity workshops, consulting services to corporate executives, and everything in between.

Combined, they’ve advised more than a hundred early-stage founders on product, pricing, and sales pipeline.

They know how overwhelming, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing sales, especially early-stage sales, can be. They also know how valuable structure and process is in transforming that frustration into delight and success.